Construction time lapse project is up!

The new Fremantle Park Sport and Community Centre is currently under construction and will be the home of the Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club, the Fremantle Bowling Club and the Fremantle Workers Club. Work on the new facility began on 1 April 2019 and the expected completion date is 11 December 2019. All three clubs are looking forward to being fully operational by January 2020. Watch this space...

See for a timelapse of the construction.


The Time lapse project is another community project proudly supported by the Bendigo Community Bank, Fremantle.

TennisFreo retains the perpetual trophy!

Tennis Freo Club members spent a very pleasant afternoon at Blue Gum Park Tennis on Saturday. We retained the perpetual trophy for the second year in succession.

Congratulations to all involved, it was a great way to complete our summer season for 2015/16.Many thanks to Blue Gum for their hospitality - many of us enjoyed catching up with some familiar faces.

We look forward to hosting them next season.

Saturday social tennis will continue throughout the winter, so come on down for a hit.